Today 30/6 had my fitting on new halo2 at Apple Hearing but using my own custom tips. Massive improvement on my older set ( which I deemed ok but still struggled in noise).

Straight from the off after the initial programming there I noticed an immediate improvement in voice clarity. The audio even left the room and continued asking me questions and I still understood ...... Amazing !!!

Next surprise I had was whilst driving , the halos automatically recognised I was on the move and altered the setting to in-car mode along with an alert to let me know. 

Once I got home I read up on the true link app that is installed on my iPhone and set the location and settings to ' my home' so it will alter to my preferred sound..... Then came another surprise ... I played one of my favourite tunes via my iPad and I was blown away by all the new sounds I could hear, but more to the point I could actually UNDERSTAND the words whereas usually songs had just as well been in a foreign language. I've never been so pleased in my life... What a massive difference !! Even the phone is very clear when streaming and the other party also said that I came across clearly too ( halo uses the iPhone's microphone to pick up my voice )
I'm a little bit of a teckky so had no problems using the app and pairing up both ha's. My Audiologist told me that due to the nature of my hearing loss ( 90db and 70db high frequency loss) that it could prove difficult to get such a massive improvement but I think even he was surprised . Can't thank him and Apple hearing enough and it's only my first day with them ...

Russell Thomas

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for the assistance they have given me throughout the year 

I suffer from acute hearing loss and I am totally dependent upon my hearing aids. 

I have had to contact the company several times this year with minor problems  and on each occasion the staff have been able to rectify the problem 

Futhermore the staff are not only courteous but are always professional at all times, the customer service level I received exceeded the normal customer service level i would get from most other companies

I have no hesitation in recommending this company to any person who may require hearing aids

Yours Sincerely 

Brian Harris

Our Customer Reviews

After years of suffering with an NHS hearing aid that hung behind my ear , and kept slipping due to the fact i wear glasses, I was prompted to ask for a consultation with Mr Hagerty from Apple Hearing & Healthcare Center  in Blackwood

From his first visit at my home i found him to be very understanding  and professional in his approach

After  a thorough check of my hearing difficulties , he could see the problems I had been having and was able to recommend a system that would not interfere with my glasses, as it would be fitted inside my ear.

A mould was taken of my ear to ensure a custom fit, as a result my hearing has never been better, and I find the hearing aid to be unobtrusive, comfortable and virtually undetectable.

As a hat wearer I now find that i can wear my hates with confidence knowing that they will not interfere with the device 

The After sales service has been excellent and I cannot recommend this service highly enough. I just wish I had taken advantage of this type of hearing aid many hears ago

I can only suggest that you give this Aid a try - you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference it will make to your life 

Mr R A Duff

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