Hearing Aid Drying Kit

Removes moisture and condensation from hearing aids. It has a built-in UV light that helps kill bacteria growth which can cause itchy ears. It also comes with a built-in battery tester.

Unit comes in a compact size and easy to transport. A removable tray for easy cleaning and better hygiene.

Hearing Aid Maintenance Products

Cleaning Brush Tool

Multi-functional hearing aid cleaning tool, brush away any wax or skin debris from the surface of the hearing aids.

Use loop on other end to gently remove wax from in-the-ear hearing aids.

Magnet on brush end makes removing and inserting hearing aid batteries easier.

Battery Chargers

This little device measures the charge left in your batteries. Small and compact with a compartment for holding spare hearing aid batteries.

Hear Clear Filters (8)

In the new easy open grey container that replaces the old "orange sticks" and even older "red and blue sticks" with the white filter on the end. Fits most Starkey, Micro Tech, Audibel and NuEar hearing aids made within the last 7 years. Newly improved, coated to resist not only water but also oils.

Puffer Ball Cleaner

Ideal for ensuring no moisture remains in the tubing or ear mould after cleaning. Use as part of regular hearing aid maintenance to prevent moisture build up.

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