Free Hearing Tests
It can take time and sometimes up tp several months for you to get used to wearing new hearing aids, as they will change how you experience sound. But NEVER FEAR, we at Apple Hearing & Healthcare will be with you all the way! 

As we get older, regular hearing tests, like eye tests, become an important part of our healthcare routine. We have put together some simple criteria to help decide whether a free hearing test would benefit you:

  • You are over 60 and have never had a hearing test,
  • You feel you are not hearing as well as you used to,
  • You sometimes mishear or misunderstand conversation,
  • You have the television turned up louder than others find comfortable,
  • You feel tired from trying to hear and follow conversations.

Have no fear, we are HERE to help. We offer FREE NO OBLIGATION HEARING TEST.  Call 965020813 or use the online booking form here.

Free Hearing Tests

We Work Closely With :

We Offer all customers a 2 year warranty with a lifetime aftercare service, just call us and one of our highly trained agents will be happy to help with whatever queries you may have.

We have a wide range ofproducts and services to offer our customers. Click The picture for more Information.

Your first consultation with us usually takes around one hour. It is very useful to bring your partner or friend with you, as some familiar voice can be helpful. The qualified audiologist will answer any query you have at all times.

Highly Experienced Audiologist

Our Audiologist  is a fully qualified hearing aid dispenser and has more than 20 years experience in this field. He is also a member of the UK's Health and Care Professional Council which means that we are up-to-date with the latest hearing aid technology and advancement. Together with the team in our Ciudad Quesada and Benidorm Hearing Aid Test Centres,  we are committed to help the expats in the Costa Blanca region to hear better so they can live better.

We Offer you the latest wireless and rechargeable hearing aids in Torrevieja and Benidorm, along with a free hearing test